“Our Soroptimist leaders, regions, clubs, members, donors and staff, tirelessly dedicate their energy and passion to shaping the future of our organization. Together, we worked across 20 countries and territories on life changing programs that aim to fulfill our important mission. As you will read in our annual report, it is this collective action that has made a transformative impact on the lives of the women and girls we serve.”

Lives Changed

“In FY2014-2015, women and girls had a lot to celebrate. Women in Saudi Arabia voted for the first time, electing 21 female candidates. Social media movements like #YesAllWomen, which spoke out about violence against women, and #HeForShe, which called on men and boys to promote gender equality, turned up the conversation on important women’s issues. The U.S. Secretary of Defense announced that all military combat roles will be open to women. And Canada elected a feminist prime minister, who unprecedentedly appointed a cabinet with an equal number of women and men. But despite these notable strides, women around the world continue face many barriers to their success solely because of their gender.”

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